Ear And Jaw Pain: How To Stop The Pain

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The mother of two sat in the dentists’ room, “I have ear and jaw pain, it hurts to eat and my teeth are grinding at night.”

The dentist nodded and proceeded to examine her teeth and jaw.

He peered over the top of his glasses and said, “Looks like you have TMJ, it’s a common problem and fortunately there is a simple solution. TMJ jaw exercises.”

This is a common scene throughout America and the rest of the world.

As much of 30% of the population has been afflicted by symptoms of TMJ at some point in their lives, but most of these people never treat the condition properly.

Will Mouth Guards Help Your Jaw?

Unlike our very clever dentist in the prior example, most dentists will recommend purchasing a mouth guard or mouth splint. Now these can be really helpful with jaw pain if they work how they’re meant to.

They should help align your bite and so stop movement that is causing pain in the TMJ area. However, they are pretty annoying to wear and it does usually take a long time for them to start working.

If you choose this option, do make sure it’s a dentist that fits the guard. Buying some of those cheap ones online etc can be detrimental to your jaw health.

What You Can Do Right Now For Ear and Jaw Pain:

You can try TMJ exercises. Unlike mouth guards, jaw exercises actually treat the root cause of ear and jaw pain fast.

By massaging, stretching and strengthening certain muscles in your body, you can release pressure and tightness in your jaw and in turn your ear.

The exercises will do this and will realign your jaw, which will stop any pain, clicking and other symptoms.

Exercises for your jaw will take about 10 – 15 minutes to complete each day and should be done over a 2 – 3 week period to achieve best results. This might sound like effort, but it’s a small price to pay to get your jaw and ears feeling normal again.

Although you should get some pain relief in the first few days, it will take longer to be completely pain free.

Ear And Jaw Pain: How To Stop The Pain
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Use These 7 Unique Jaw Exercises That Relieve Jaw Pain:

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