Sore Jaw: Soothe It With Proven Techniques


Having to put up with a sore jaw is incredibly frustrating.

It hurts when you eat, when you laugh, when you yawn… actually, when doesn’t it hurt? But enough of that, why might this be happening and what can you do to fix it?

First, Find Out What’s Causing Your Sore Jaw:

There is a very common condition that is estimated to affect approximately 30% of the population. It’s called TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder which affects the jaw.

TMJ might be the thing giving you a sore jaw, because the muscles and tendons that surround your jaw have been pulling to tight to one side or another and have displaced your jaw slightly.

This condition can continue to grow worse if not treated properly, so don’t become complacent.

Don’t worry, there are some options and this problem is definitely manageable and can be fixed permanently depending on the severity. Read on to find out how…

Possible Treatments For a Sore Jaw:

Mouth Guards:

Something that alot of being end up being told to try are mouth guards for aligning your jaw. Now these can work quite well. It usually takes a long time to align your jaw and then there are steps to take to make sure your jaw doesn’t go back to it’s old bad ways.


These mouth guards are often ineffective with users complaining that the devices do nothing for the pain, they can only be used while sleeping, they take a long time to have any affect and sometimes can make the condition worse.

Note: If you are considering using a mouth guard, ensure you get it fitted by a dentist. The cheap ones you can buy online etc. are a waste of time and money.


What Can You Do Right Now To Reduce Soreness?

Try the TMJ exercises below. They’ll take about 10 – 15 minutes, a small sacrifice to get some relief.

The earlier you start the exercises, the easier it will be to stop the pain. Why not?

Sore Jaw: Soothe It With Proven Techniques
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Use These 7 Unique Jaw Exercises That Relieve Jaw Pain:

When I asked the people who tried the exercises if they felt improvement, over 70% of them said yes - within three days. Not bad for something that takes about 10 minutes right?

I put together those exercises a while ago, since then I've added more massage videos and interviewed a dentist to get his opinion so you don't have to.

To be honest, it's pretty damn helpful for people with jaw problems. Don't be like the people who skim carelessly over gems like this and miss out on the most effective solutions. Have a go and see :)

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