TMJ Nerve Pain: How To Stop The Pain

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Your TMJ nerve pain is getting worse. Shooting and stabbing pains that just keep coming. Your sick of spending your entire day trying not to open your mouth too wide, chewing so softly only to get another sharp pain. Is there really no effective way to stop TMJ nerve pain?

You Can Fix It Yourself?

It has been recently proven that TMJ exercises can in fact relieve TMJ nerve pain and other related symptoms. But how can simple exercises get rid of this annoying and persistent foe that is TMJ?

These exercises however have a used by date. If your symptoms are too far gone they may not be able to save your jaw. For example people who have snapped tendons or ripped muscles are going to need extensive treatment and most likely surgery. Many people simply don’t take enough notice of TMJ and live with the symptoms, which inevitably get worse and worse.

How Do They Fix TMJ?

Basically TMJ exercises correct and realign your jaw muscles and tendons. They do this by stretching, massaging and strengthening certain muscles in your jaw, mouth and neck. After doing these exercises, TMJ patients have reported losing their TMJ nerve pain in as little as a few days. Although this is not the norm and it usually takes about 10 days for full recovery.

These exercises are a much better alternative to mouth guards and splints which can cost more than $300. Mouth guards only stop your teeth grinding at night and do nothing for the pain. Plus many people dislike them because they feel very uncomfortable when sleeping.

TMJ Nerve Pain: How To Stop The Pain
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