TMJ Treatment Options: What Works and What Doesn’t


Finally, you’ve had enough of the jaw pain when you wake up, when you open your mouth too wide and the teeth grinding day and night. You’ve decided to take action, good work! Now you just need to research your TMJ treatment options. But…

Do Any TMJ Treatment Options Actually Work?

1. TMJ Mouth Guards: Most people go down to the dentist eager for a solution, only to find out that they need to spend a few hundred dollars on mouth guards that don’t actually do anything for the pain?

These mouth guards are a complete waste of time and money. People who use them complain that they are annoying to sleep with (think of wearing braces or a plate again), they end up being grinded away by your teeth and do nothing for the pain!

Mouth guards are a bandaid solution that fail to fix the root cause of TMJ, which is muscle stress and tightness. So how do we fix this?

2. TMJ Exercises: TMJ exercises however are much less well known, but much more effective. They work by stretching, massaging and strengthening certain muscles all over your body that will realign your jaw and relieve your symptoms.

Feedback from people who have used these exercises is very positive. Some people have claimed complete relief in as little as a few days, while most take between one to two weeks for complete recovery.

They are not to be mistaken for some quick fix miracle cure. The exercises will only work if you do them consistently and frequently. But it’s definitely worth it to be able to chomp down as hard as you like at dinner and sleep peacefully at night.

TMJ Treatment Options: What Works and What Doesn’t
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